The Value of Wood and Its Uses

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Wood is underestimated. Take a look around you and you’ll be surprised at the amount of wood that’s present, even in this technological age. Although metal has become a material closely associated with technology and is growing in its functions, wood is an ancient element that has many symbolic meanings and continues to have many [...]

Adding Wooden Pallet Designs to Your Garden

By | August 1st, 2018|Creative, Wood Pallets|

In our last post, we explained how to upcycle wooden pallets into a raised garden bed and a wall garden. Today, we’re going to show you how to use your wooden pallets to add both aesthetic and functional designs to your garden. As part of the wooden packaging industry, Pallet Management Group is proud to [...]

Upcycling Wooden Pallets for DIY Garden Projects

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Warehouses and other facilities don’t need to be all about work and machines. According to NBC News, plants increase our concentration and productivity by 15% while reducing stress. Breathing some life into your facility starts with upcycling your wooden pallets. Pallet Management Group has a Drop-and-Switch program, but we won’t hold it against you if [...]

How to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

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Your business is taking off and suddenly your warehouse is struggling to keep up with a growing demand. Warehouse efficiency is instrumental in reducing costs and there are many ways to streamline processes and gain efficiency. In light of the recent trend of integrating technology, many warehouses are seeking to boost their productivity to compete. [...]

The #1 Achievement of the Wooden Packaging Industry

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Last month, the results of two surveys conducted since 2016 for the pallet industry market and landfill avoidance were revealed. While both contain pertinent information, the landfill avoidance survey contained the most encouraging result: 95% of wooden pallets are recycled. As an environmentally conscious recycling solutions provider, Pallet Management Group is happy to be a [...]

Tips for Safe Pallet Handling

By | March 31st, 2018|Wood Pallets|

Pallets are an essential tool for any business that ships and stores products. If used inappropriately, pallets can be dangerous, causing injury to employees. To ensure your employees stay safe, and your pallets undamaged, here are a few tips from your local pallet experts: Do not use rotting or damaged pallets. Damaged pallets can be [...]

Turning Wooden Pallets Into Mulch

By | March 15th, 2018|Wood Pallets|

Mulch is the term used to describe any material that is spread over the ground to insulate and protect soil. It helps increase soil fertility, and can protect plants from nasty insects and pests. Ground up wooden pallets, believe it or not, make fantastic mulch for your yard or garden. How does it work? Recycled [...]

Tips for Warehouse Management this Holiday Season

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Christmas is a busy time for most businesses. In fact, some make up to 50% of annual revenue in the last quarter of the year. Depending on how prepared you are, the holiday season can be a super success or a total flop for your business. To ensure your warehouse is ready for the Christmas [...]

10 Advantages of Plastic Pallets

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From bananas, to cars, to pet food—pallets deliver everything. There exist many different types of pallets, most made of wood or plastic. The wood pallet is perhaps the most classic and widely used. Plastic pallets, however, are advantageous for several reasons. Here are a few reasons why you should go plastic: Eco-Friendly. Unlike wood, which [...]

Wood Pallets 101: Block vs. Stringer Pallets

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As the main method of product storage and local and international transportation, wood pallets are central to the operations of any large-scale company. As a shipper or manufacturer, it’s important to understand the difference between various types of wood pallets to make sure your business is operating as smoothly as possible. There are two main [...]