New Pallets

If you product or your customers insist on using New Pallets, our 50,000 square foot facility has the ability to build new pallets with an unlimited number of both standard and custom designs.

To take the guess work out of pallet configurations, we use the Pallet Design System (PDS) an engineering software tool that allows us to configure a specific pallet to meet your unique needs.

Safety is a major reason why we use PDS to design pallets. PDS can analyze the performance of pallet in a rack system, being double or triple stacked in a warehouse, being lifted by a forklift, and many other scenarios. The engineering program has a safety factor built in that assures your pallet can safely hold the calculated weight or your products.

Our workers are experts in innovation. We work closely with our clients to custom-build new pallets and offer on-time deliver all over the Greater Toronto Area, including, Mississauga, London, and surrounding areas.

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On time delivery!

With a 97% on time delivery record, we have established a reputation for service. We deliver on our commitment and we deliver on time.