Used and Recycled Pallet Suppliers

Pallet Management Group specializes in pallet retrieval and repair.

We know that reusing and repurposing product is not just good for the planet, it’s also a good business practice.

Pallet Management Group saves trees and saves you money. Pallet retrieval, repair and reuse are the cornerstone of environmental awareness and cost control. Recycled pallets are inspected and repaired as necessary to an exacting standard. We have established an extensive inventory that offers you a price effective solution.

Pallet Management Group Recycled Pallets are available in a variety of the most common in demand sizes but we do build to suit and all are available in both Heat Treat an Non Heat Treat versions. Read more about where we get our recycled pallets


On time delivery!

With a 97% on time delivery record, we have established a reputation for service. We deliver on our commitment and we deliver on time.